Welcome to Stan’s Premium Cars

Growing up in Leesburg, Stan has seen many changes over time. This small-town man has been selling cars for almost four decades. Twenty-two years ago, Stan’s Premium Cars began, and as they say, the rest is history.

But it’s that history that makes his story.

Stan learned early that the love of people and cars is the perfect combination to be successful in the automobile industry. And of course, when it’s in your blood, you know what you’re meant to do. As he shares, “My father was in the used car business as well as my grandfather. I am a third-generation independent used car dealer.”

There’s a joy of matching the customer to the car they love! That’s what has kept him going for so long. And with a clientele, of well, anyone. “If you need a car, we can help. We offer in-house financing, and if you need to rebuild your credit, we can assist in that. I like to help people build that credit, for we all know it’s important. We cater to the used car shopper.”

Small town businesses survive on excellent service; it’s crucial to stand out from the competition. So, what is Stan’s Premium Cars difference? “We genuinely care. And our reviews attest to that. We are a family business, and we need to make our customers feel like they’re a part of our family.”

Why does Stan’s Premium Cars deserve your business? “We don’t…but we feel that the way we go about our business; by acquiring inventory, reconditioning and repairing the vehicles, and choosing us, you have found people that put their words into action.”

The walking man’s friend!

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